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The new Apple operating system will only work with Intel processors.

The next generation of Apple’s operating system will not support PowerPC processors, Appleinsider reports. The specification of the operating system Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard says that its work requires an Intel processor.
Information that Snow Leopard does not support IBM’s PowerPC processors came after the developers were presented with disks containing a pre-release version of the operating system at the WWDC conference. There was also information about the requirements of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard to the computer.

In addition to the Intel processor, Snow Leopard requires at least 512 megabytes of RAM, nine gigabytes of hard disk or SSD storage, and a DVD drive.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard was announced on June 9 at the WWDC developer conference held by Apple. The new OS is optimized to work with multi-core processors, support up to 16 terabytes of memory, the Open Computing Language, and allows programmers to use the potential of graphics processors to increase the overall performance of the computer.

Deliveries of Snow Leopard will begin no earlier than the end of the current year.

The rejection of PowerPC processors, developed by IBM, Apple announced in 2005. The first Apple machines based on Intel chips began to be released in 2006. Until that time, over 10 years, only PowerPC processors were used to manufacture Apple computers.

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In addition to the Intel processor, Snow Leopard requires a minimum of 512 megabytes of RAM, nine gigabytes of hard disk or SSD-drive, and a DVD-drive.
The iPhone, designed for the Chinese market, will get reduced functionality
Today, Apple’s share price has fallen significantly - at the time this news was published - by $ 24 (about 20%).
Tellme for iPhone will get its own user interface, created taking into account the features of the device
iPhone battery has a limited resource, and its replacement will cost $ 86
The world's largest social network MySpace today plans to introduce a new music platform, with which users can stream audio recordings (for free)
The catalog will present photographs and brief information about auditors who have positively recommended themselves in the audit market.
The author of the album “The Heavens of Zaonezhie” is Galina Ivanovna Frolova, a restorer and keeper of the collection of tempera paintings of the Kizhi museum,
The catalog also has the ability to add publications on their own, so that it will surely be constantly updated and remain relevant and useful for everyone.
The editorial staff of is preparing for printing the 2nd Edition of the Buyer's Guide “Polymer Industry 2008-2009. Top 1000. The first edition was published last October with a circulation of 5,000 hard copies and the number 19,000 electronic copies.
To the birthday of Chelyabinsk on the first of September, a catalog of photographs devoted to the family
Zimaletto has announced a new catalog for the fall-winter 2008/09 season.
UMH Publishing House won the tender for the development and design of the catalog for the Intertop store chain. The catalog was released in late August 2008 and represents the collection autumn-winter 2008/09.
In it, among other things, you can find: embossed rear mudguards, high rear wing (5 colors) and aerodynamic elements, various strip application options, engine covers of five color options for V6 and V8.
The rating classifier of Russian Internet resources Rambler’s TOP 100 offers users a catalog of RSS feeds of Russian sites.
The company Hobby Hall specifically for the Russian market has released a new catalog J6, which includes the autumn collection of fashionable and practical clothes for children and adults, as well as a wide selection of various home goods and interior items
All catalogers on the market can be divided into two large groups.
The directory service allows administrators to use group policies to ensure uniform customization of the user work environment.
The attendance data is provided by the Belarusian Internet service system Akavita, the counter of which must be pre-installed on your site.
The very first site was created by Tim Berners-Lee and appeared on August 6, 1991. Its content was a description of the technology World Wide Web
Last month, the Warner Music Group record label removed the music of British singer Estelle from the catalog of the online music store iTunes, which resulted in a significant drop in sales of albums and singles.
Each position of the catalog is accompanied by a brief description of the product and a mobile tab with ideas on its use, which will allow the customer to relate the task and the tool to promote their own goods or services.
Marina Malykikh has decorated the catalogs of a cosmetics company.
The ministry has been publishing catalogs about the tourist potential of the Nizhny Novgorod region not for the first year, and in several languages: Russian, English, French and German.
The netbook has an Atom 1.6 GHz processor, HDD with a capacity of 40 GB, the Ubuntu Linux operating system is preinstalled, and its width is slightly larger than the already officially announced Dell Inspiron models with 11.8-inch (29.9 cm) displays.
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